Workzone Tutorial

Learn how to manage and control you Pull Request workflow with Workzone. Let Workzone automatically add reviewers and groups to Pull Requests and merge them when reviewers approve or digitally sign.

Predefined Reviewers. Configure pre-defined reviewers and groups for branches and a Pull Request will include these reviewers automatically.

Automatic Merge. Workzone can merge the Pull Request automatically when all or a percentage of reviewers have approved.

Organise Workflow. Allow or block push operations to a branch once a Pull Request has been created and unapprove all approvals on a Pull Request should the originating branch be updated.

Workzone is ideal for automating community based projects and for companies to enforce strict approval criteria and SCM workflows.

Workzone Reviewers


About Workzone Reviewers

Workzone for Bitbucket allows you to control your software configuration management (SCM) process, when and how changes can be pushed, and how reviewers and groups are automatically added to new Pull Requests. Configure pre-defined casual, mandatory and suggested reviewers and groups for pull request source and branches. A new Pull Request will include these reviewers automatically.

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Add file and group reviewers to your pull requests


Workzone can ‘watch’ files and directories for changes and add specific reviewers and groups accordingly. This way you can make sure that the right people get looped into the pull request when changes in ‘their’ domain need to be reviewed. For example add the ‘qa-team’ as a reviewer group for all changes that affect ‘src/test/java/**’


Workzone pull request reviewer groups cater to the staff flow of every team and enterprise. Use Workzone to define reviewer groups as opposed to a set of fixed pre-defined reviewers. Have employees transition smoothly between teams and organisations without pull requests becoming blocked and stale because some reviewers having moved on.

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Workzone Merge Control

Configure automatic pull request merge with Workzone

Workzone implements fine-grained pull request merge control per branch or branch pattern. Merge controls can block a pull request from being merged manually or automatically. The following criteria are combined to allow a merge to happen or block it:

  • Reviewers approval quota – how many per-cent of reviewers must approve
  • Reviewers group quota – how many members of a reviewer group must approve
  • Required digital signatures – how many approvals must have a digital signature for CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Required successful builds – how many successful build results must be associated with the pull request’s source branch HEAD
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How to control simple and advanced merge conditions

Workzone features a powerful boolean expression parser that let’s you define advanced merge conditions like:

requiredBuildsCount > 1 & ( approvalQuota >= 50% | groupQuota >= 2 )

Workzone will merge a pull request if more than 50% of assigned reviewers have approved OR at least to members of each assigned reviewers group have approved AND there is a successful build result against HEAD of source branch.

Workzone will merge a pull request if more than 50% of assigned reviewers have approved OR at least to members of each assigned reviewers group have approved AND there is a successful build result against HEAD of source branch.

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Benefits of general quota vs group quota

Workzone pull request reviewer groups and a groupQuota as a merge condition cater to the needs of all teams and enterprises. Defining reviewer groups as opposed to a set of fixed pre-defined reviewers provides more flexibility.

Group quota as a merge condition gives the pull request workflow a great amount of flexibility. For example, if only a subset of members of each reviewer group need to approve the pull request then if the other members are on leave or vacation, once the group quota is reached the pull request can be merged.

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Test-driven development with merge control and continuous integration

Test Driven Development (TDD) is best practice and the software development process of choice for most companies that take their code seriously.

But what about test-driven merge control? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pull request merged dependent on successful test results or even let a successful build in your CI system trigger an automatic merge?

The Workzone (auto) merge configuration allows for incoming successful build results from the build server to trigger an automatic merge if ‘Watch build results’ is enabled.

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Workzone Compliance


How to enforce compliance with digital signatures

Merging pull requests in Bitbucket is comparable to merging documents. Just as documents can be signed for approval, Workzone let’s you digitally sign pull request approvals using a username and password.

You can even set the configuration to only allow a merge to take place if a required amount of approval signatures are present.

Add CFR Part 11 compliance to Bitbucket

In some organizations reviewers or reviewer groups are required to sign their pull request approval with their digital signature. Workzone has implemented a Title 21 CFR Part 11 eSignature to compliant SCM processes.

Use Workzone to configure pull request reviewers or groups per target and optional source branch. When they review the pull request changes only they can approve the pull request by re-entering their username and password. For these reviewers it is not possible to simply click the ‘Approve’ button.

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How to work with Digital Signatures

To create digital signatures Workflows offers you Approvers Configuration or Merge Configuration options.

In the Approvers Configuration, digitally signed approvals follow the same pattern as ‘normal’ reviewers. Define a target (and optionally a source) branch (pattern) and add approvers as users or groups.

Use the Merge Configuration option to enforce digitally signed pull request approvals. Here the requiredSignaturesCount parameter can be configured in the (auto) merge configuration.

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