Reminders for Bitbucket allow you to keep your Bitbucket Pull Request workflow process timely and sharp. Define an expiration period for open Pull Requests and remind stragglers automatically to catch up with their overdue reviews and approvals. Reminders for Bitbucket will also inform other stake-holders like team-leads and managers on overdue Pull Request. Stop losing track of Pull Requests and avoid letting them go stale by keeping on top of your organzation’s SCM workflow process.

Download and Installation

Download from the Atlassian Marketplace and install in Bitbucket. No global configuration is required.

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Repository Configuration
Reminders can be configured repository wide. They apply to all Pull Requests that target the repository. When Reminders are enabled emails are sent to reviewers that have not approved  the Pull Request within the configured period. Additionally to reviewers other stakeholders can be configured to receive reminders via email on expired Pull Requests.
Branch Configuration
Reminders can be configured per branch. It may be practical to have a longer expiration period for Pull Requests targeting the ‘develop’ branch while keeping the expiration period for Pull Requests targeting ‘master’ rather short.  Reminder configurations for branches override the repository wide Reminders configuration (see above).
Recurring follow-up Reminders
After the first email-reminder has been sent out, Reminders for Stash will sent out follow up reminders to late reviewers and stakeholders after each period until the Pull Request is fully approved and merged. The length of each period is determined by the closest match for repository/branch configurations.